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PMT articulated arm-M

Brand: PMT

Model: M

Type: portable three coordinates

Specification: 1.5m-4.5m

Material: Aviation carbon fiber

Color: green

Power supply: universal voltage; 100-240VAC; 50/60Hz

Weight: 8.8kg to 10.6kg

Operating temperature range: 0°C-40°C (32°F-104°F)

Temperature compensation capability: 3°C/5 minutes (37.4°F/5 minutes)

Working humidity range: 0-95%, no condensation

Data transmission method: USB or Wi-Fi transmission

Battery life: more than 5 hours (1 battery); more than 10 hours (2 batteries)


The ALPHA series is a revolutionary measuring arm that sets a new benchmark in the field of portable measurement. The new generation of portable measuring equipment tailored for you with our decades of professional experience has outstanding performance and unparalleled performance. It will become your efficient and effective personal measurement assistant. The PMT ALPHA measuring arm pushes the development of portable m

easurement to a whole new level with its excellent measurement performance.

According to the measuring arm with the accuracy listed in the SO10360-12 international standard, PMT provides an ideal inspection tool solution under the condition of fully ensuring the accuracy! The PMT measuring arm is designed with consistency and reliability in mind, and can operate in a variety of working environments, including extreme temperatures, workshop and field environments.

PMT ALPHA E is a cost-effective measuring arm suitable for companies looking for cost-effective factory inspection solutions. The reliability and operability of this product enable manufacturers to control its quality handily and ensure high-quality production.

Measurement problems that PMT can solve

product testing

The portable measuring arm can realize online size measurement for on-site inspection, which is different from traditional measurement methods.

Design improvement: The use of portable measuring arm to carry out computer-aided inspection of the product can detect the error between the product and the original design in time to improve product design and manufacturing.

Quick design: On the basis of existing products or partially adopt the reverse method to realize the design plan.

Parts archive: archive parts without design prototypes or drawings for future needs.

Production workshop online inspection

On-site measurement: The measurement arm has no special requirements for the environment and can be used in the production workshop. Using the measuring arm to measure at the production site can detect product quality problems (deformation, wear, etc.) in time and reduce the scrap rate.

Complicated parts measurement: various fixtures, inspection tools, various platforms, automotive interior parts, pipe fittings and other large and small products are measured on site.

Online inspection: Traditional methods cannot be used for online inspection. The measuring arm can be used for online or in-machine inspection during product processing, with good flexibility and high cost performance.

Management optimization and risk control

Product manufacturing process optimization: 100% online inspection of products can obtain timely data of product manufacturing process in order to make scientific management decisions.

Operational risk control: On-site measurement of products can detect deformation, wear and other problems in time, adjust molds and production processes in time, and reduce the risk of subsequent poor assembly or other defects.

Necessity and urgency

Quality inspection: With the increase of output, design changes and new product development, more and more better inspection equipment are needed to inspect products to ensure product quality.

The new measuring arm measurement technology can carry out computer-aided inspection of products, and can find the error between the product and the original design in time, so as to improve the product design and manufacturing process and improve the product quality.

Quick measurement: Compared with the traditional manual measurement or CMM, the measurement arm can be used to quickly measure the product, find the problem early and reduce the scrap rate.

Quality monitoring of supporting parts: timely discover the error between the supporting supplier or outsourcing product and the original design requirements, and clarify the quality responsibility.

Reverse measurement: The current traditional detection methods are unable to develop new products. It is necessary to continuously improve products to meet the increasing needs of customers and higher quality requirements; considering the stability and long-term development, new products are more urgently needed Measurement technology to improve this situation.

Technical advantages

Built-in balance and equal arm length design

The built-in balance system provides comfortable, stress-free control.

The double-arm isometric structure design ensures that there is no dead angle and no missing space for measurement.

Intelligent communication port

You can use W-Fi, UsB and other transmission interfaces.

Through the network function, multiple equipment management and monitoring can be realized in any corner of the enterprise.

It can synchronize data with multiple devices and is ideal for larger workpiece measurement applications.

Smart sensor technology

The built-in temperature sensor can compensate the measurement error of the arm length change caused by the temperature change.

Continuously monitor the use environment to ensure the best detection performance.

Each joint can rotate freely, and the built-in overload sensor warning device can avoid excessive external load.

Better stability design

The handle on the base makes the force more stable.

The joints are wider, and the anti-impact joint protection design makes it stronger.

The base is stronger and more stable.

Optimized ergonomics

Brand new comfortable grip design.

The weight distribution and balance are significantly improved.

The new base handle design makes it easier to lift and carry.

Other technical features

Upgrade the installation chuck, the assembly ring without tools, the installation is faster.

The high-precision optical sensor with fully enclosed design can be used stably for a long time under harsh working conditions.

Dual battery design, long standby time.

  technical parameter

ALPHA E parameter information:

The new ALPHA offers three products with different accuracy levels.

The measuring range is from 1.5 meters to 4.5 meters, and 7 measurement products with different specifications are provided.

Product accuracy is in accordance with S10360-12 standard requirements.

Compatible with various mainstream third-party measurement software.

It is currently the most cost-effective articulated arm measuring machine for PMT.

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