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Cultural relic sculpture
Three-dimensional scanning technology has many applications in data preservation, cultural relics restoration, structure detection and analysis of architectural relics. It can provide a good solution for the preservation and protection of cultural relics.
Many historical relics are facing the dilemma of being destroyed under the constant impact of modern civilization. It is imperative to protect and repair the cultural relics. Through the three-dimensional scanning technology, the three-dimensional shape can be obtained by non-contact scanning, which not only can save the data of these cultural relics, but also provide data basis for repairing when damaged.
1. Cultural relic protection and restoration
Through three-dimensional scanning of the structure of the building and the structure of the crafts, the shape structure data can be obtained quickly and accurately, providing data basis for structural analysis and preservation.
2. Structural analysis
Through 3D scanning technology to obtain 3D data of historical relics, and online display platform or virtual reality technology, you can build an online museum, allowing people to visit a variety of cultural relics without leaving home.
3. Virtual tour

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