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API Radian Laser tracker

API's new generation of laser tracker Radian is another outstanding work of API after T3 laser tracker. Based on API's newly developed INNOVO intelligent measurement system platform, the Radian laser tracker makes the laser tracker more powerful and excellent.
Product details

Vision target ball automatic locking function

The Vision function enables the Radian laser tracker to automatically track and lock the target ball. When measuring, the operator can focus on the object to be measured, without worrying about the problem of switching off and connecting the light. Because the i-vision Radian laser tracker will automatically lock the target ball, even if the light is cut off, it will automatically search the position of the target ball and quickly point the laser beam at the center of the target ball for tracking. I-vision features a working range of more than 30°, allowing you to measure at will.

Self-Diagnostics Self- diagnosis feature

Precision measuring instruments in various working conditions is asked to keep a stable working state, so in the different work environment fully understand the working state of the instrument itself becomes very important. Self - Diagnostics and Self diagnosis function can make the Radian laser tracker work in real time to the operator shows its working state, thus eliminate microtremor, factors such as temperature, light intensity is insufficient to measure the impact of the work.

ADM-Maxx shows you super precision

ADM-Maxx is superior to the previous ADM absolute measurement system, providing you with higher accuracy, better stability, and longer

effective measurement range.

Image Capture Image capture function

Supported by INNOVO's intelligent measurement platform, the Radian laser tracker has been equipped with the function of capturing static and dynamic images, which can record the measurement process in an all-round way, providing great help to users.

Activity Advisor Intelligent consultant function


Smart Check Target ball identification function


Multi-SMR Multi-target recognition function

Radian laser tracker supports the recognition function of multiple target balls. A tracker can use multiple target balls for work, and easily switch the target balls without losing light, so as to truly realize intelligent measurement.

With the Radian laser tracker, you can focus on the job at hand, not the tool

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