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API OT2 Laser tracker

The laser tracker OT2 Core is a high-performance laser tracker that provides vital laser tracking and measurement capabilities at a competitive price. It has compact structure, wireless control convenient, portable, easy to use, etc. Can be used in aviation, aerospace, shipping, railway, automobile, bridge, heavy industry, wind power and other industries.
Product details
Core laser tracker is an ideal measuring instrument, widely used in various industrial measuring environments and measuring fields. Its compact size and wireless control design have replaced other bulky measuring instruments, making it possible to measure in small Spaces. Core's rugged design and interior construction is ideal for any hard working conditions, with built-in power batteries for 6 hours of continuous operation and optional ac/dc connections. Need not preheating, boot can be measured, meet the demand of efficient measurement. Core measures up to a radius of 50 meters. The temperature is measured from -10 degrees to 45 degrees. Weighs just 8 kg structure more compact OT2 every parts need to be in the Core design integrated together to make it as a complete whole, including the control box, weather stations, tilt sensor and batteries. Core's data transfer is done wirelessly. OT2 Core adopts the technology of absolute distance measurement. It can be installed and used in any position: upside down on the ceiling, perpendicular to the wall or inclined to the space position and Angle, installed in the large workpiece, etc.
Product features
Perfect wireless control (integrated control box, weather station, tilt sensor, battery, wireless module)
Built-in, rechargeable power supply system (no need to remove the battery)
Long range ADM measurement system with ultra-high measurement accuracy target automatic locking (sensor-assisted target automatic capture function)
Extremely portable electronic level sensors are carried at random (plus the transport box weighs only 8 kg)
Flexible installation performance: suitable for direction-finding installation, inverted installation, ground installation or direct installation on the workpiece.
Perfect compatibility with existing API for quick installation tripod and various accessories for stable and reliable measurement in harsh environment

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