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API omnitrac2 Laser tracker

API introduced a landmark innovative laser tracker: Omnitrac 2. Omnitrac 2 is smaller, lighter and easier to use than similar products at the same price. In addition, it has no external controller, making it stand out from existing laser trackers on the market. The product features can be summarized as: wireless, no controller, effortless use.
Product details

Stable operation in harsh environment

Omnitrac 2 is an ideal measurement tool for a wide variety of industries, both indoor and outdoor. Product structure is compact and the wireless design, can enter the other measurement system can not enter the narrow space was measured. The itrac 2 is strongly designed and structurally sound and is ideal for harsh factory conditions, equipped with built-in batteries and can work continuously for up to 6 hours, plus an optional AC/DC interface. Just minutes after boot, Omnitrac 2 accuracy can reach 90%. Omnitrac 2 measures distances of up to 100m, operating temperatures of -10°C to 60°C and weights of just 10kg.

All built in for unparalleled compactness.

The itrac 2 integrates all equipment required for measurement, including controllers, weather stations, tilt sensor and batteries, and transmits data over WiFi. Itrac 2 operates using ADM (absolute ranging) technology. Omnitrac 2 can be installed in any position for measurement: top mounted, perpendicular to wall mounted, inclined mounted, mounted under parts or internally. Carry Omnitrac 2 laser tracker, you can measure at any place.

Product features

- Full wireless operation (integrated controller, weather station, tilt sensor, battery and WiFi)

- built-in rechargeable battery (user cannot remove), can last for 3-6 hours

- high accuracy ADM for dynamic measurement

- automatic locking (the camera can automatically capture the target ball)

- airborne sensor

- high portability (10.8kg with transport box)

- multiple mounting methods: side mounting, hanging upside down, mounting under the part or directly on the part

- compatible with existing API quick-connect instrument rack and accessories

Omnitrac2 laser tracker allows you to measure at will, you will love it!

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