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AirGO Smart Module
The AirGO smart module is equipped with a handheld 3D scanner, completely breaking the traditional 3D measurement mode, completely free from the constraints of computers and cables, and real-time display of 3D models acquired by scanning, realizing efficient and free 3D measurement.
AirGO Smart Module Specifications
Operating modeIntelligent standard scan mode   (working alone)

Wireless extended scan mode

(networked work)

Support softwareScanViewer Smart EditionScanViewer Standard Edition


(with battery)

LCD screen size5.5"
LCD resolution1920*1080

Point location


Real-time shooting, real-time computing, real-time display
battery capacity19400mAh
EnduranceStandby 6 hours / scan 2 hours (battery replaceable)
Wireless mode-2.4G/5G
External interfaceUSB3.0; Gigabit Ethernet; 12V scanner power supply (output)
Support scanner seriesHSCAN series; PRINCE series; AXE series

High-precision acquisition of spatial 3D coordinates

MSCAN-Plus directly captures the high-precision spatial coordinate values of the surface of the object, which can be used to fit the plane, detect the deformation, measure the axial distance, measure the hole position, and obtain key point data.

Wireless measurement freedom is not limited

Get rid of the computer constraints, the measurement distance is no longer limited, and truly achieve a wide range of free measurements.

Real-time computing real-time feedback

The system comes with an arithmetic unit, real-time calculation to obtain marker points, real-time feedback of data quality by sound alarm, guide shooting, ensure high-quality data in real time, eliminate false shots, missed shots, and measure more efficiently.

High-efficiency measurement with touch screen operation

Built-in Win10 system, touch-screen software interaction, real-time viewing real-time operation, truly achieve single-machine measurement, greatly improving 3D measurement efficiency.

Smooth transmission of wireless transmission

Data transmission via wireless WIFl enables smooth migration of 3D data to computer terminals for 3D scanning, even in the wilderness.

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