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EVO 6-axis portable coordinate measuring machine

1) Portability: Light and easy to carry, to meet the needs of anytime, anywhere measurement
2) Stable and reliable: all joints are made of titanium alloy with high-precision bearings, and the arm body is made of carbon fiber material, which greatly improves the stability of the equipment.
3) Built-in Bluetooth wireless communication to avoid cable entanglement.
4) Built-in lithium battery for up to 12 hours of power supply.
5) Full-featured: geometric elements, 3D coordinates, geometrical tolerances, curve and surface measurement and scanning, reverse engineering, CAD digital and physical parts comparison, assembly, fixture inspection, inspection, tube measurement, thin metal Wall measurement
6) Measurement without dead angle: Built-in and external balance design, 6-7 joint degrees of freedom allow you to measure the position and hidden points of any space point
7) Wide measurement range: you can choose from 1.2 m to 7 m measurement range and can be extended to a wider range of measurements
8) Temperature compensation system: built-in temperature and humidity sensor to ensure high-precision and stable measurement under any temperature and humidity
9) Can be used with a variety of software: PowerINSPECT, Polyworks, Geomagic Control X, Design X, etc.
EVO 6-axis portable coordinate measuring machine parameters

Measuring range (D)

Volume accuracy (mm)

Repeatability (mm)Weight (Kg)

EVO6 15

1.5 m




EVO6 20

2.0 m




EVO6 25

2.5 m



EVO6 30

3.0 m



EVO6 40

4.0 m



EVO6 50

5.0 m



EVO6 60

6.0 m



EVO6 70

7.0 m



Working temperature

0 °C ~ 45 °C

environment humidity


Allowable angular acceleration

> 105 rad/s2. 93/68/EEC


(55 to 2000 Hz) < 100 m/s2 (IEC 68-2-6)


:(6ms) < 1000m/s2 (IEC 68-2-27)

power supply system

100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz0.8°

Technical Description

Adapt to the industry
Environmental requirements
The Italian EVO portable coordinate measuring machine condenses 30 years of manufacturing history and the pursuit of innovation. By making all the articulated arm parts except the rotary encoder, we can manufacture the world's longest 7m and 0.018mm precision articulated arm measuring machine, which is known for its high stability, high precision and high cost performance. Is one of the most advanced portable measuring systems in the world
Widely used in automotive vehicles and parts, molds, aerospace, shipbuilding, steam turbines, heavy machinery and other machining industries

1. Automobile body-in-white measurement, fixture inspection measurement, assembly position adjustment 2. Product 3D coordinate measurement, impeller, pump measurement 3. Casting, forging inspection, mold wear analysis 4. Aerospace components reverse, pipe measurement 5. Turbine stator rotor measurement

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