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The EVO TuBe series of portable articulated arm laser fork pipe fitting measuring systems provided by RPS of Italy is a typical combination of the articulated arm and the laser fork. This casing measurement system consists of laser forks in various sizes, 25 mm, 30 mm, 50 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm. Pipes from 2 mm to 190 mm in diameter can be measured with a non-contact laser fork, and larger diameter pipes can be measured using a contact hard probe. Elbow parts are widely used in various industries such as automobile manufacturing, aerospace, engineering machinery, energy, and rail transportation.
EVO TuBe series portable articulated arm laser fork pipe measuring system can be installed directly next to the production line to detect pipelines, pipelines, hoses, etc. In addition to providing various inspection functions of conventional articulated arms, it can also be provided to match bending equipment. The processing parameters and reasonable correction value data are used for the adjustment of the bender. In this way, the cycle of pipe production is greatly shortened, and the qualification rate of pipe products is also improved.
Technical characteristics
Laser fork model

EVO TuBe series portable articulated arm laser fork pipe fitting measuring system

1) Portability: Light and easy to carry, to meet the needs of anytime, anywhere measurement
2) Stable and reliable: all joints are made of titanium alloy with high-precision bearings, and the arm body is made of carbon fiber material, which greatly improves the stability of the equipment.
3) Built-in Bluetooth wireless communication to avoid cable entanglement.
4) Built-in lithium battery for up to 12 hours of power supply.
5) Full-featured: geometric elements, 3D coordinates, geometrical tolerances, curve and surface measurement and scanning, reverse engineering, CAD digital and physical parts comparison, assembly, fixture inspection, inspection, tube measurement, thin metal Wall measurement
6) Measurement without dead angle: Built-in and external balance design, 6-7 joint degrees of freedom allow you to measure the position and hidden points of any space point

7) Wide measurement range: you can choose from 1.2 m to 7 m measurement range and can be extended to a wider range of measurements
8) Temperature compensation system: built-in temperature and humidity sensor to ensure high-precision and stable measurement under any temperature and humidity
9) Can be used with a variety of software: PowerINSPECT, Polyworks, Geomagic Control X, Design X, etc.

EVO TuBe series portable articulated arm laser fork

pipe fitting measuring system technical parameters


Measuring range

Space length accuracy

(Laser fork)

Space length accuracy  

(Contact type)

Single point




EVO TuBe 6/7 20




EVO TuBe 6/7 25




EVO TuBe 6/7 30




EVO TuBe 6/7 40




Main functions of EVO TuBe series portable

articulated   arm laser fork pipe measuring system

1. It can be used for various requirements of product reverse engineering. It can not only map parts without CAD model, but also directly create new pipe parts according to theoretical data.
2. It can complete the inspection of pipe fittings, compare the actual workpiece with the design data, and issue test results and reports;
3. Perform real-time monitoring during the bending process, and obtain the required correction amount for processing, and correct and guide the processing process of the pipe fittings in real time;
4. Measure and certify dedicated bend fixtures, molds and gauges.

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