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MSCAN-PLLUS integrated global photogrammetry system
Say goodbye to PC, open the era of intelligent measurement
MSCAN-Plus integrated global photogrammetry system, the biggest feature is one machine measurement, internal calculation, real-time display, real-time feedback, completely bid farewell to the traditional computer era, the traditional photogrammetry and computer are combined into one, single machine to achieve three-dimensional measurement The whole process.
MSCAN-Plus-Body Global Photogrammetry System Specifications
Equipment type

Industrial cameras and industrial lenses

  (non-SLR cameras)

Volume accuracy0.025mm/m
Point location acquisition

Real-time shooting, real-time computing,

  real-time display

screenTouch screen

Touch screen MSCAN-Plus comes with an arithmetic unit and display screen, the data acquisition process is simple, real-time shooting, real-time calculation, real-time viewing of the target point model obtained after the operation, without having to import into the computer for a long time after all shooting is completed To a great extent, the situation of missed shots, mistakes, etc. is eliminated.

The MSCAN-Plus wireless measurement mode is free from the constraints of traditional computers, enabling a wide range of lightweight measurements, making the 3D measurement process more free and efficient. Especially suitable for measuring large workpieces, with a handheld 3D scanner, can greatly improve the volumetric accuracy of 3D measurement.

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