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iReal 2S color 3D scanner
iReal 2S is a cost-effective color 3D scanner specially upgraded by Tosco. It can scan without
sticking and obtain high-definition and delicate color texture, which fully meets the scanning needs of users for medium and large items and humanparts. Lightweight and portable, easy-to-use software is ideal for handheld scanning users in non-industrial applications.
IREAL 2S color 3D scanner
modeliReal 2S
light sourcekindBlue lightInfrared light
VisibilityVisible lightInvisible light
safetyLED cold light source (human eye safety)Class1 level LASER (human eye safety) 1
Texturecolorstand by
Degree of reduction24-bit true color
accuracy②Point spacing0.2-3mm0.5-3mm
PrecisionPoint spacing (single frame)Up to 0.1mmUp to 0.15mm
Splicing accuracy (marking point stitching)③0.2mm/m0.25mm/m
Stitching modeDo not paste modeTexture stitching, feature stitching, mixed stitching
Stick modeMark stitching, mixed stitching
Scanning rangeOptimal scanning distance400mm
Effective working distance300-600mm
Scanning format200x135mm~400x270mm200x165mm~400x330mm
speedVideo frame rate (highest)15 fps
Data outputOutput formatOBJ, STL, PLY ,ASC,SK
Whether to support 3D printingYes
hardwareOperating temperature5-40℃
Interface modeUSB 3.0
Scanner weight910g
Scanner size140×94×258mm
structure2 emission sources, 3 camera sets, 3 sets of fill lights in one body


1. Class1 LASER is a low-energy light source device. It has no biological hazard and will not cause damage to the human body or skin. It does not require other safety aids when used.

2.3D point accuracy and point spacing together affect the fineness of the model. Under the premise of high-precision points, the smaller the dot pitch, the higher the fineness.

3. In the mark point splicing mode, the calibration calibration length standard is obtained, and the deviation between the obtained spherical center distance and the standard value is the splicing error value.

* Under high light conditions or monochrome mode (texture/feature stitching), you can turn off the fill light system on the scanner for scanning.

* Adaptability to human hair: Infrared mode can scan most types of hair (stronger), and Blu-ray mode can scan some types of hair (general).

* Under strong light sources (such as sunlight), a sunshade is required to scan.

* When encountering dark black, transparent, reflective objects, etc., you need to spray the contrast enhancer before scanning.

Dual light source multi-function mode: iReal 2S has a blue LED cold light source and infrared invisible dual light source mode, which can scan more materials and scenes. Blu-ray, strong resistance to external light, good data quality, can achieve better fineness. Infrared invisible light, the scanning width is large, the speed is fast, and the material of the article is highly adaptable.

“No light” security scan: Infrared invisible light scanning mode, creatively solves the problem that other light sources are difficult to obtain when scanning and hair and eye data (iReal 2S can obtain more complete human body data, reduce the cost of post-data repair) and the glare of the projection lamp The problem. The light source is invisible to the human eye, and the scanning process is more comfortable and safe. It is suitable for education, medical treatment, public inspection and other systems.

Intelligent adjustable fill light system: Select on/off fill light system according to the characteristics of the items to be scanned. When the face data is collected, the fill light system can be turned off, and the infrared invisible light + no fill light scanning mode is adopted (avoiding the discomfort caused by the projection light source and the fill light system stroboscopic light to the human eye, realizing a true human eye safety scan. ), the person being swept can blink and receive the scan. When scanning color items, the user can enhance the ability to capture the surface texture of the item by turning on the fill light system.

Powerful splicing capability: With advanced texture splicing and geometric splicing algorithms, when users encounter continuous irregular patterns/geographic features, they can be scanned without the need for stickers. When encountering complex feature items (there are no feature areas that are easy to misspell), using hybrid stitching (incorporating textures, features, and point stitching together intelligently), you can complete the scan with just a few points.

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