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AXE series 3D scanner
High precision 3D measurement single machine solution for medium and large workpiece

The AXE 3D scanner is a hand-held 3D scanner developed by the world. Apart from having all the features and functions of other handheld laser 3D scanners, the AXE breakthrough is in the way of subverting the measurement of large and medium objects. AXE can scan large and medium-sized objects with high precision without any equipment. The volume accuracy of single machine is much higher than that of other hand-held three-dimensional scanners, and the scanning speed is greatly improved by double scanning area.
AXE Series Handheld 3D Scanner Specifications
Light source form

7 crossed laser lines and 1 bundle of laser

lines that can work alone, for a total of 15 laser lines

Single line laser

deep hole mode

Scan rate480000measurement/s
Laser categoryCLASS ║(Eyes safety)
Highest precision (measuring 300mm bat)highest0.02mm

Volume accuracy

(no external equipment required

Single scan area420mm×380mm
Output, can be customized
Operating temperature10C~40℃
Interface modeGanzhao

Ultra high precision:With a volume accuracy of 0.02mm+0.035mm/m, it is far superior to other handheld 3D scanners in the industry, making it easy to scan medium and large objects without the need of a global photogrammetry system.

Ultrafast measurement:The number of points is halved, plus double scanning width and 480,000 scanning speeds per second, which greatly improves scanning efficiency.

Flexible operation:Handheld measurement, flexible and portable, easy to operate, easier to complete the three-dimensional measurement process of objects; high-precision three-dimensional measurement of medium and large objects, one machine solution.

Large field of view:The field of view of the scanner is much larger than that of the existing handheld 3D scanner, and the scanning surface area is increased by more than 2 times, and the 3D reconstruction of the surface of the object is completed quickly and efficiently.

Comparison of large object measurement methods
AXE series stand-alone solution
AXE series 3D scanner
Handheld 3D scanner + global photogrammetry
Traditional 3D measurement scheme
Scanning field of view doubled
AXE series 3D scanner
   Scanning face
a handheld 3D scanner
  Scanning face
Reduce the mark by half
AXE series 3D scanner
Other handheld 3D scanners
Significantly reduce labor costs and time costs
The solution is extremely portable
AXE series 3D scanner
Other handheld 3D scanners

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