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      广州特斯克仪器科技有限公司(TOSCO)成立2010年;专注于提供提供尺寸检测领域世界级检测设备的解决方案,并拥有各种世界级,领域内顶尖先进的检测设备及相关分析软件;是海克斯康,API,形创等多家世界一流检测设备的华南总代理 。

Based on the appearance detection technology of automobile body parts Precision component inspection technology based on laser scanning Based on automotive welding fixture detection and adjustment technology Optimization analysis technology based on production line layout Based on large spatial scanning and 3D modeling technology Robot-based route tracking and detection analysis technology Based on automotive performance test equipment development and analysis technology Detection technology based on gap difference between four doors and two covers of automobile
Development direction and vision
   The core values of the company: taking talent cultivation as the core and customer demand as the guide, and continuously providing high-quality technical services to customers;      Development direction and vision: Provide high-quality comprehensive testing technology solutions, and build a third-party quality control system based on this, and finally realize online testing of industrial automation production lines.      Become a third-party dimensional inspection expert.

Company Profile
   Guangzhou Teske Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. Its main business is to provide advanced digital    intelligent solutions and high-end intelligent testing equipment services; and it has various world-class fields.
   The top advanced testing equipment and related analysis software; it is the South China distributor of many world-class testing equipments such as Hexagon, API, and Shape.    Applications include aerospace, automotive equipment, mechanical engineering, automated production, ship bridges, and reverse design.    We have more than 20 experienced senior engineers who can solve different problems for customers in various fields;    Our engineers have obtained training certificates for FARO, API, Hexagon and other equipment manufacturers;    Our team is always ready to respond to any technical issues with our customers and arrive at the customer's site at the appointed time;    Adhering to the principle of customer first, we want to provide customers with first-class technical services.
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