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With the continuous improvement of the national economy and the continuous improvement and development of public infrastructure, rail transit, which is one of the modes of travel, has also been fully developed. The opening of the Harmony EMU has shortened the distance between cities. The construction of subways and light rails in major cities has also reduced the pressure on urban road traffic. With the continuous development and progress of the society, the rail transit will be more fully developed with its characteristics of fast, convenient and accurate. 3D measurement technology can not only provide friendly and perfect solutions for the construction of rail transit, but also provide basis and support for later maintenance.
1. Product testing
Advanced optical measuring equipment such as HSSC series and ZSCAN series of Toscotec use optical principle to map and provide reliable and realistic 3D data without causing wear and tear on scanned objects. Scanning is also not limited by the size of the object. If combined with the MSCAN global photogrammetry system, the cumulative error of scanning large objects can be greatly reduced, and more accurate three-dimensional data can be obtained. Comparing the obtained three-dimensional data with the three-dimensional drawings can quickly and accurately obtain the deviation of each position of the workpiece, and provide a basis for later product modification and research and development. At the same time, fast scanning also greatly improves the efficiency of testing, reducing time and labor costs.
The three-dimensional shape of the object can be digitized by three-dimensional scanning to obtain a set of three-dimensional digital models with a physical size of 1:1. Users can use this three-dimensional data with the corresponding professional software for digital simulation analysis, intuitive and convenient such as product aerodynamic analysis, strength analysis, stress analysis, to provide basis and reference for the optimization and improvement of later products.
2. Design analysis
3. Maintenance
        The inner edge of the wheel and the wear of the rail during the long-term operation of the rail train directly affect the braking performance of the train and the stability of the train. When the wear reaches a certain level, the corresponding parts must be replaced. Guangzhou Teske Technology Co., Ltd. can provide a fast and good solution. Through the HSCAN series of handheld 3D scanners, the 3D shape data of key components such as wheels can be quickly and completely obtained, and the corresponding dimensions can be obtained through professional digital analysis to provide technical support for maintenance.

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