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       With the rapid development of China's economy, the development of the automobile industry is also advancing by leaps and bounds. In recent years, the number of domestic car ownership has been rising, and many auto brands of their own brands have gradually formed a strong international competitiveness. At the same time, the emergence of new energy vehicles has also made domestic car companies face new opportunities and challenges. The handheld 3D scanner independently developed by Tosco has an important role in the automotive field. Combining its extensive experience in the automotive industry, Tosco can provide high-quality 3D engineering services to manufacturers in the automotive industry and propose comprehensive solutions.
1. Quality inspection
Through the 3D scanning technology, the 3D data of the shape of the scanned object can be obtained, and the obtained 3D scan data and the original 3D drawing can be compared and analyzed in 3D, and the deviation value of each position can be easily obtained, which is friendly for the large surface and complex structure size detection. solution. In addition, data such as concentricity, aperture aperture, assembly gap, etc. can be easily obtained by fitting the three-dimensional data, and the two-dimensional size is extracted and obtained in the three-dimensional data.
        Through the scanning of the assembly to obtain its three-dimensional data, the professional three-dimensional software can realize the simulation assembly of the assembly, and the assembly result and analysis can be obtained quickly and easily. When the simulation assembly cannot be successful, it can also provide a basis for the later improvement of the assembly.
2. Simulation assembly
        Through the three-dimensional scanning in different states of the split closure, the structural relationship of the opening and closing member under different motion states can be obtained, and accurate data can be provided for structural analysis, size design and the like.
3. Motion state analysis
         The three-dimensional data of the scanned object can be easily obtained by three-dimensional scanning of the object. Importing 3D data into 3D modeling software can provide a basis for modeling design, saving time for manual mapping, not only improving efficiency but also making reverse modeling more accurate due to its good precision.
4. Reverse engineering

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