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      Aerospace vessels are high-tech strategic industries and the engine of the country's cutting-edge technology development. From the national defense infrastructure to the national clothing, food, housing and transportation, aviation and navigation technology is related to all aspects of the country and the people's lives. A small accident can cause irreparable huge losses, so the quality must be strictly controlled. At the same time, with the continuous improvement and improvement of industry technology, how to improve the ability and means of innovation is an urgent problem for Chinese enterprises. 3D measurement technology has broad application prospects in the field of aviation and navigation, and can provide a variety of solutions for the development of the industry.
1. Product testing
       The traditional detection method is to use contact detection method, such as three-coordinate management, special fixture inspection tool, etc. Although this method has high precision, the detection efficiency is low, and the detection process may cause unnecessary secondary parts. Damage and there are more detection dead ends. The advanced optical measuring equipments such as HSCAN series and ZSCAN series of Hangzhou Siguan Technology use optical principle to map and provide reliable and realistic three-dimensional data without causing wear and tear on the scanned workpiece. The obtained three-dimensional data can be compared with the three-dimensional drawing to quickly and accurately obtain the deviation of each position of the workpiece, and a correction scheme is given based on the comparison result. It is difficult to obtain the detected data by scanning the dead angle, the complicated curved surface, the angle of the turbine blade, etc., and it can be easily obtained. At the same time, fast scanning can also improve the efficiency of detection, reducing time and labor costs.
      3D scanning technology can also be used in the reverse design of aircraft and marine components. Key dimensions can be obtained based on the scanned data, which can be used not only for secondary development of products, but also for product design improvement, achieving a breakthrough in performance at low cost. The shape data of the product can be easily obtained through the HSCAN series of handheld laser 3D scanners. The shape data obtained through analysis can be improved on the basis of the original, or the product drawings can be reversely designed for processing. At the same time, many old-fashioned classic designs often have many subtle designs. These designs are not known because of the age, the lack of data, and the lack of information such as key drawings. Through the reverse modeling after 3D scanning, the structure can be reconstructed, which has important significance for data preservation and technological innovation.
2. Reverse design
       Aircraft and ships are inevitably damaged during use, and aircraft ships often play a vital role in many important industries of military and civilian use. In the event of an accident, the losses are enormous, so maintenance and repair of aircraft and marine equipment components It is especially important. The HSCAN series of handheld laser 3D scanners can obtain three-dimensional data before and after the use of aircraft and ships. By comparing the data before and after use, information such as the degree of deformation of the components can be found, and a clear direction is provided for the design of the product and the improvement of the corresponding components. At the same time, high-precision scanning can also accurately and timely detect damaged parts, providing data basis for maintenance and repair of parts.
3. Wear analysis

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