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Mechanical manufacturing is a wide range of applications, widely used, and closely related to people's lives, known as the "heart of the industry." It can be said to be the basis for the development of any economic sector and to provide technical equipment for the entire national economy. The degree of development of machinery manufacturing directly reflects the degree of industrialization of a country and is an important indicator of the level of a country's industrial level. Since the reform and development, with the vigorous development of the machinery manufacturing industry, the national economy and national strength have been greatly improved, and China has gradually become a world-class industrial power. While continuously improving the economy, we must also strengthen technological innovation and improvement, and bring more development opportunities to machinery manufacturing through continuous strengthening and innovation. Three-dimensional measurement technology has broad application prospects in the field of mechanical manufacturing, and can provide a variety of solutions for the development of the industry.
1. Three-dimensional inspection
The traditional detection method is to use contact detection method, such as three-coordinate management, special fixture inspection tool, etc. Although this method has high precision, the detection efficiency is low, and the detection process may cause unnecessary secondary parts. Damage and there are more detection dead ends. The advanced optical measuring equipment such as HSSC series and ZSCAN series of Toscotec uses optical principle to map and provide reliable and realistic three-dimensional data without causing wear and tear on the scanned workpiece. The obtained three-dimensional data can be compared with the three-dimensional drawing to quickly and accurately obtain the deviation of each position of the workpiece, and a correction scheme is given based on the comparison result. Scanning less dead pixels, complex surfaces, concentricity, cylindricity, etc., which are difficult to obtain by conventional methods, can also be easily obtained. At the same time, fast scanning can also improve the efficiency of detection, reducing time and labor costs.
3D scanning technology can also be used in the reverse design of mechanical products. Key dimensions can be obtained based on the scanned data, which can be used not only for secondary development of products, but also for product design improvement, achieving a breakthrough in performance at low cost. The shape data of the product can be easily obtained through the HSCAN series of handheld laser 3D scanners. The shape data obtained through analysis can be improved on the basis of the original, or the product drawings can be reversely designed for processing. At the same time, many old-fashioned classic designs often have many subtle designs. These designs are not known because of the age, the lack of data, and the lack of information such as key drawings. Through the reverse modeling after 3D scanning, the structure can be reconstructed, which has important significance for data preservation and technological innovation.
2. Model design
In the process of using mechanical products, it is inevitable that damage will occur. Many mechanical products often play a vital role in many assembly lines. In the event of an accident, it is necessary to stop maintenance and repair, resulting in huge losses, so the maintenance of mechanical products. And maintenance is very important. The HSCAN series of handheld laser 3D scanners can acquire 3D data of mechanical products. By analyzing 3D data, it can provide a clear direction for product design and improvement of corresponding components. At the same time, high-precision scanning can also accurately and timely detect damaged parts, providing data basis for maintenance and repair of parts.
3. Maintenance and repair
Many key parts of the mold will wear out during the process of use, and need to be repaired regularly. And how much to repair, where to repair is a difficult problem in mold testing. The HSCAN handheld laser 3D scanner can easily obtain the shape data of the entire mold, compare the 3D shape data with the original drawing, and clearly check the deviation of each part through the chromatogram. The accurate measurement is also the mold. The fix provides the foundation.
4. Mold inspection

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