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Guangzhou Teske offers a wide range of cutting-edge measurement solutions.Our models are suitable for a wide range of measurement applications in more than 20 industries and are the best choice for users to improve accuracy and productivity. As hard point detection and quality requirements continue to increase, 3D measurement technology has become the fastest way to improve processing and ensure a return on investment, and helps customers to quickly and accurately measure and meet stringent tolerance requirements. Expensive waste saves a lot of time and money. It is widely used in various applications such as reverse engineering and testing. The world's fastest and most convenient, lightweight HandyScan 700 handheld scanning system, if necessary, equipped with precision photography positioning system Max Shot to get your point cloud anytime, anywhere, professional data processing team to provide you with product and mold design, verification and other trains Specialized service. The handheld laser 3D scanner is capable of 0.02mm metering accuracy and the scan data is compatible with all 3D surface inspection software on the market. We use professional equipment to provide you with professional metering services to protect your product quality control. Guangzhou Teske Instrument Co., Ltd. has a number of measuring arms and scanning systems of various famous brands of various sizes, and many experienced measurement engineers provide you with the following professional services:
Hard point size detection and analysis
Three-coordinate measurement and detection Field welding fixture tooling measurement and adjustment Checking First piece inspection (two-dimensional engineering drawing and GD&T inspection)
Comparison of physical sample scanning data with 3D CAD model
Dimensional error chromatic aberration diagram analysis
Complex contour analysis and CAD comparison
Statistical analysis of batch product size measurement data
Laser scanning detection and analysis

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