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APl has a series of sophisticated products, which can provide different personalized solutions for different users, including hardware, software and training services. It is our goal to solve practical problems for users. APL laser tracker is widely used in automobile manufacturing, aerospace, shipbuilding and engineering installation. Petroleum machinery, building roads and bridges. Wind power, nuclear power, military manufacturing, robot calibration, machine tool and CVMM detection, large workpiece scanning and reverse engineering, etc.,.A has an
experienced team of engineers, which is unmatched by other
companies in technological innovation and adapting to the
rapid development of industrial technology.
PMT Articulated arm
Intelligent communication port, sensor technology, optimized ergonomics

Built-in balance and equal arm length design

Can run in various working environments

the ALPHA series is a revolutionary measuring arm, setting a new benchmark in the field of portable measurement.

The new generation of portable measurement equipment tailored for you with our decades of professional experience has excellent performance and unparalleled.

With its excellent measurement performance, PMT ALPHA measuring arm pushes the development of portable measurement to a whole new level.

Handheld scanner can detect and analyze the shape and geometry of the object or environment in the real world, such as color, surface albedo and so on. The data collected are often used to calculate 3D reconstruction and create a digital model of real objects in the virtual world. These models have a wide range of applications, such as industrial design, defect detection, reverse engineering, robot guidance, geomorphology measurement, medical information, biological information, criminal identification, digital heritage collection,
television, film production, game creation materials and
other industries.
Handheld Scanner Series
Complete solution

Focus on site quality control
Accurate 3D measurement generation
KSCANHandheld Scanner
AXE Handheld Scanner
Prince Handheld Scanner
HSCAN Handheld Scanner
Complete solution
Extreme Portability
Absolute Laser Ranging System (ADM)
API omnitrac2 Laser Tracker
API OT2 Laser Tracker
API Radian Laser Tracker
API Interferometer

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